Revolt!  Rerun! Overthrow!  The chants of freedom negates the rundown to our now spineless and segmented society. Aren’t we all hangman’s hanging ourselves? . We are each others evils; The witches to our prosperity.  We supposedly stand all for one saluting timeless monuments and swearing allegiance to good and not evil. The incidenary bomb denoted a long time ago causing all the imaginable evils to be splattered across our society.  Evils turn to thoughts , then to action and finally turns to the average man you see lurking on the street.          In a bid to save ourselves , we find solace in the government that has been constructed by us to steer our affairs aright.  All walls come crushing down as we see governance is not all that it seems. Interests overcome will and weakens the once noble and just to be blinded by power,  money and fame. We are all insurgent not because we  try to overthrow the government but because we elicit our neighbour’s failures. We drown in deceit and concoct stories that touch to attract sympathy.We do not necessarily have to wield a knife or a cutlass or ride in an armour tank with scores of light headed people to be  tagged as insurgents; We just have to be the ordinary civilian who would chain his own an lock him up for months with the excuse that he is kleptomaniac. Or the uncle turned degenerate who would rather rape his own than to cleave to his wife.We carry bloods on our shirts,  skirts, pants and suits not because we are boko haram but because we are our neighbour’s keeper .Some talk about secession ,others want independent autonomous communities among riverine areas that have been depopulated due to several oil spills. Militants prowls the Streets weakening the very fabric of defence in cornered areas.Insurgents are not the BOKO HARAM, THE FULANI HERDSMEN ORTHE NIGER DELTA  AVENGERSWe  are INSURGENTS because we ourselves are the daily evils.We have to run away from each other.    
   By Joy Ilenreh