Revolt!  Rerun! Overthrow!  The chants of freedom negates the rundown to our now spineless and segmented society. Aren’t we all hangman’s hanging ourselves? . We are each others evils; The witches to our prosperity.  We supposedly stand all for one saluting timeless monuments and swearing allegiance to good and not evil. The incidenary bomb denoted a long time ago causing all the imaginable evils to be splattered across our society.  Evils turn to thoughts , then to action and finally turns to the average man you see lurking on the street. 
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She was beautiful even from afar. I could not stop peering at the hazelnut glow in her eyes; It felt like she was sending some kind of a message to me but here I was sitting on the settte confused and lost wearing some borrowed demeanour of “the cool calm and collected”.
We bonded over gazes; I saw in her eyes a  glint of excitement;  raw, unbridled,  wild and untamed. 

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I may not know what you are going through today,  your sorrows,  the hardship,  the pain. Though the mountains scrub and the oceans rage and war against my soul the devil may wage. 

Though the tempest has turned my smiles upside down and my life like a river of sorrow in which Im drawn.

Yet shall I stand

Unshaken for as long as it last. 

       To God: The Creator Of Words

                             culled from Lovesong