Stories have been evolved to reality; Eras have been revolutionized and mind sets have widened. The world waits for no man and no man the same. Reminiscing deeply  the wonder years that befall the younger me; the years of experimental energies busting to cause a nuclear reaction. I was ascetic, inquisitive and exuberant at the same time. it was the teenage curse sinking me seven feet’s under.

it was a race for  the will to do either good or bad. I always did give credence to such folly; the years of drained knowledge and underdevelopment. The joke of class was an imprint pasted on, what I wanted so badly eluded me. recognition, a little hi her and there wouldn’t hurt a fly. so I thought.

my wonder years were the  times when I thought no one could stop. Belief was the right path to success. The cost of friendship was measured through financial gains with each other and for each other.




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