DATE: 26/09/16




‘‘We traded in the market competitively perfect,

Till you came in your boat, and polished goodwill

Approval from high order

All pepper differentials, denied flag-bearers”

Culled from the poem ‘EXPELLED’ by Jared Angira.

We now cohabit in a world where homosexuals, drug addicts, kidnappers prowl the streets like wantons on the loose; laws are passed to aid the strengths of this obscenity. The growing question on our minds is how, we a morally conscious society turn awry. Customs and traditions have always shaped the lives of our ancestors and it went on to influence decisions of generations to generation.   At that time, we lived in peace, loved in peace now bloodshed is written off as records of the plots of evil doings of religious extremist. Civilisation proliferated all these vices; Did the quest for knowledge put a clause to the normal course of life? Life is cut short, affected by changes in government, social-economic policies; currently recession has pooled out resources of the government making inflation is screaming headlines on every publication

Trickery was deployed to hasten the plan of our possessors; lands were seized from the indigent and morphed into throes of supposed government property. Indigenes transferred from cart to cart sold in the market to toil on sugar plantations in the process of enriching the colonialist. We were expelled from all forms of administration of our independent indigenous societies; indirectly ruled by powers beyond questioning and reprimand.

In order to build the self sufficient Great Britain, There was a struggle between powers like The United State of America, Russia, and France for natural resources to build up infrastructures for their own development. African countries were naturally blessed with various mineral resource that the superpowers of the world; in the year 1884,the search for natural resource led the Great Britain to Nigeria : it was earmarked as the year of realisation for the colonialist. Trouble struck when the whites landed on Nigerian soil proposing the sophisticated civilisation; they came with a message from the Queen of England, the word sounded foreign but enticing to our local administrations who fell into the tangled web of lies, corruption and slavery.

We are all products of the civilization scam; the promises for infrastructural development, the promises for good education, economic growth. All were mere clouds of puff air; we are currently facing economic recession and bailout is not a conclusive option.

They always gave us the impression that freedom was vital to humanity; but our press system was silenced, mouths were shut with bribes, freedom fighters were thrown into jail, reticence was key not to upset the big wigs that steered the affairs of Nigeria.

Development seemed farfetched but it was achieved through the influence of the colonialists, abolition of slave trade was advocated for; these were the deceit packed in promises of the British. About two month ago, David Cameron, Britain prime minister labelled Nigeria corrupt during an economic summit; corruption came to play in our fertilized country, a sewage of corrupt vices have been recorded year in year out; the current budget padding controversy between  two prominent voices in politics, Senator Jibrin and Senator Dongara. The more we look into this corruption web, it intensified during the colonialist stay in Nigeria, at the time our respective ethnic leaders were bribed into corrupt vices, service heads were highhanded and subjected our people to poverty, now we see headlines on newspaper publication about a siphoning saga between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola, former head of state, General Sani Abacha alleged 9.8 billion dollar  embezzlement of Nigeria treasury,  former first lady, Patience Jonathan’s 20 million dollar embezzlement.

An amalgamation processed through the executive powers of Sir Lord Frederick Luggard in 1914 marked significance in world history as independent protectorates (nations, ethnicities) became what is called Nigeria. About forty years after, Nigerians started clamouring for independence, unprepared with no prospect for the future, no vision whatsoever about what could occur in 60 years, what needed to be put in place, the elites felt our rights were being trampled upon and we needed to be free to make our own decisions.

The civilisation scam had destroyed our accountability with each other, in the political sphere, vendetta, embezzlement of public funds, and misuses of power were prominent problems we began to deal with in the process of civilising. The high state of moral decadence in this 21st century age is beyond comprehension; pro-gay and lesbianism activists come out of their closet to advocate such absurdity; they have been brainwashed by the 21st century curse, the curse if the new age that allows for care freeness, the act of living in the now. Our youths do not aspire to be great; present time we all want quick money not considering the holes the money comes out from.

We were scam from birth, taught the lifestyle of the whites, etiquette and now some of our women cannot even tell apart a kettle from a pot. Our moral values have been eroded, washed by the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean. We wear rags all in the name of ephemeral fashion trends. Social media platforms have stolen the attention of our youth’s time; they invest money and time even engaging in fraudulent practices, pornography has destroyed the substance of morals, sex tapes are leaked over the virtual cyberspace.

Civilisation crept into the very fabric of our society and tainted it with acids of disillusion. We have be disillusioned by the 21st century way of life, a life that is not worth living for.

It is time we clamour for change, a new mindset, a discipline mind and then Nigeria can move forward.

By Joy Ilenreh



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