She is not perfect,  She is fragile,  confused,  vulnerable, sometimes vivacious and most times insecure. She is The Woman. He is basking in his glory,  the sweet-talker, the reputable ladies man,caring just because he wants something in return, spending for an inverted cause. He is the Man.

You readers might have been plaguing your inner senses over the theme of this article.  In the game of love,  all is fair; there are the “players”,  the “whipped” (those who are crazy about each other)and lastly the” stress relievers” (those who basically use each other for their selfish gains).
Over the years women have been tagged to be unstable, volatile inventions with way to many buttons to operate; men remote control our emotions when we are romantically involved with them through money,  sex and various other.
The daily prayer of every young woman out there is to bag a very rich and handsome man; never caring if he is a take home to daddy;We let money blinds us as a replacement for love.
The reality about love is that it is patient;  you wonder why your crush of so many years rejected you,  its because it was not your time to shine YET. The first phase of every budding relationship is dreamy, straight out from a Harlequin novel; he calls you all the times, early morning texts and good night text,  dinner reservations in chic restaurants. He is your everything at that time. As you slowly progress to the next phase,  all the little things he does drops, he nags about you nagging and unfortunately for any(girl) who throws a jealous fit, the He might just leave you alone which eventually concedes to a break or a break up.
The man really has no worries; if he likes the he, he is out to provide and do all that lovey-deovey things. Well there are some responsible men out there who genuinely love their woman and obviously this world is sadly filled with the bad eggs who just want to populate the world with their baby mamas.
How do I let my relationship work?
That is the question to ask.

♥Always try to better your relationship. Don’t sit there believing he is ever ready to be with you till death do you part. See men can change  or get bewitched fast- that is if he is the rich and handsome man.

♥ To the men – love your woman unconditionally; come rain, come harmattan, at whatever season. Broke times be strong,  she will give you all the support you need.

♥ Don’t try to pry into each other lives at the first phase. It basically the phase to get more acquainted not talk about family problems. Give each other distance sometimes….let him beg to know more about you and vice versa (but not too much)

♥ Set romantic dates,  buy gifts that do not necessarily have to reflect that you are a millionaire. A sensitive gift that will touch her heart will do (Advice to the men?

♥ Do not think with what is between your legs or you might just drive the perfect woman for you away.

♥ Don’t be all control freak towards each other; you don’t need to have to know where he is and what he is doing at every moment. Trust defines it all ; no relationship can exist without it.

♥ Communication is key; tell each other the truth about about situations that have passed so he/ she won’t make the same mistake.

♥ What defines true love is Trust,  Communication not Sex, Romance and not sex and Patience.  Does your relationship have any of this qualities?  If NO! Go back to the drawing board.

♥Written by Joy Ilenreh


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