The Woman Of Colour

Women have various traits that defines who we they are. There arethe classy women,  the retro woman, the sophisticated woman and the outright rebel of a daughter. What we share in common in far fetched because even tone wise we differ. 
THE WOMAN OF COLOUR is not subjected to race,  religion,  class or the ever changing dynamics of our society.  She does not conform to the irritable gender irregularities of the society. She breaks the norm, fuel protests,  roll heads and she does a bang job as a wife to a mother.


THE WOMAN OF COLOUR  stands up for her beliefs,  convictions and rights.  She is The Woman Of Steel.Women are not designed to pick up the pace; they are to finish the race.  She is as much macho as her male counterparts. 
She is dressed in her corporate garb balancing work with a family to run in the background. Some may argue that women were created to be of support to THE MAN- oh and let’s not forget the most important feature every woman was blessed with, be you thick, slender,  macho or just plain scrawny;  we have got the child bearing hips so we eventually give birth to a few.
What really irks me is the fact that we women let the men walk all over our emotions, we cry after every break up,  cry because our” crush” rejected our advances.  We cry when we see our man cheating with some lame woman.  We subject ourselves to the widely recognised term ” weak vessels”.
“Act like a woman but think like a man” ever heard of that? Well we have let society rule out their expectations for us; our men cheat and give us the excuse that they weren’t getting enough and when we decide to revolt, we are tagged as sluts, ashewos? When will I see a woman president in this current age? Not some consolation price called “vice president” or “deputy governor”.
We cannot be daring,  society will weigh in on us and convince us otherwise.
We shouldn’t let men use us as tissue paper. Who is going to mend your broken heart? Do you think the guy who just broke your heart will?  Oh sad. When will realisation hit us? 
Witch hunts here and there over one particular guy who about 3 girls are interested in and you begin to see how different” babalawos”  powers are taken out one by one until all the candidates are dead. We teach our women that they have to fight the crazy world out there for a man so they can marry and the rest you know.
The woman of colour joins her counterpart to rid off the world’s conception about our inception.  We are as free as other creature. We should not let society infringe upon our rights to be The Woman Of Colour .
Are you one?
Beyonce said it after all;  WHO RUNS THE WORLD?

                 By Joy Ilenreh


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