Should we sit in thrones of our own making,  arms folded?
Should we give in to the arms of the demented? image


Should we leave the ants of today eat the good of the land that has been reserved for aged to come.?

The wise ones say silence is golden but what are we going to do when the chase commences and we are left struggling to claim the last position.
We stay silent and stare deep into the eyes of situations; things within our might and things beyond our power.
We nag, we prevail,  restless as the sea .The tempest presents no remedy to our problems; it just heightens the pain.
When will stop sobbing ? We have not a tear left.
We have been SILENT for way to long.  We have travailed for long , accustomed to the various irregular changes in our life.
Then we seek silent in a bid for revenge. Silence that leaves one broken and bare needing help.  Stay remoted in our homes with the most powerful form of scream.
Silence is when you are fed up and all you need is a warm glass of screams to do the job .

By Joy Ilenreh


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