She was beautiful even from afar. I could not stop peering at the hazelnut glow in her eyes; It felt like she was sending some kind of a message to me but here I was sitting on the settte confused and lost wearing some borrowed demeanour of “the cool calm and collected”.
We bonded over gazes; I saw in her eyes a  glint of excitement;  raw, unbridled,  wild and untamed. 

She looked away ever so quickly feeding the ache in my spine more sores than food. Relentless I stood, unwavered;as I waltzed to her table with a glass of wine clinging to my left hand.
“Hi!” My almost baritone voice came out surprisingly as a squeal.
“Hey” she responded with a smile that faltered my legs to stand. I didn’t know if it was the peach illuminating from her dress or maybe my eyes were beginning to fail me.
“The name is James, James Bond”
“And I am Oluwashindara”.

By Joy Ilenreh


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