Dear August,


Dear August,
I see you have met me in good health! Life has been okay,  alright! . Seven months have gone by and your unusual calmness intrigues me.

Your dawn precedes the rude awakening of cold, stormy nights. The Ember children are calling;  all strapped up with ribbons in their finest drapes ready to be presented to the world.
Your call holds the reins of the rain and causes a clear autumn breeze to race through our nostrils to all parts of our body.
The time when work fades to play and the  littluns gather round in jubilation of  their much anticipated pause from reality.   The shrills of  the cold misty morning morphe into beads of sweats at midday where the city never sleeps.
August,  surprise me!  Im plagued by your erratic features and I know there is something more.
Show Me! !

By Joy Ilenreh


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